Many to Many

Since 1982 Peace through Unity has been publishing regularly a quarterly newsletter called “Many to Many”.

The aim of this modest net-worker is described on its front page like this:“Many to Many under the aegis of Operation Peace Through Unity is a communicating link between ‘we, the peoples’ of all nations, races, creeds and ideologies offering in the spirit of the preamble of the United Nations Charter an instrument for the furthering of better relationships based on deepening mutual understanding and the aspiration to promote unity and cooperation beyond all differences.”

Each issue publishes contributions from individuals and non-governmental organizations with news and thoughts about their own activities and about that of others. It networks information on some of the many conferences, summits and meetings within the United Nations institution, which may be of common interest or concern.

Many to Many is available by subscription (send a request to: and is mailed to groups and individuals in some 50 countries.

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