Our Mission Statement

We believe that humanity and all other forms of life live and move and have their being within a greater ever evolving whole.

We believe life is imbued with meaning and purpose.

We believe in the essential goodness in the heart of humanity and that we are all learning, through cause and effect, to express this in all relationships.

Through understanding, respecting and celebrating all our different cultures, religions and ways of life we will, as the next step in evolution, be uniting beyond all these differences in a culture of peace – a culture of Heart.

The purpose/ focus of PTU

  1. Education of people with the aim of enhancing goodwill and understanding, communication and co-operation between people of different races, nations, creeds, cultures and groups with a view to building together a better world.
  2. Education of people about the natural environment, with particular emphasis on the understanding of the world as a whole.
  3. Establishing and caring for areas such as parks, waterways, places for contemplation and walkways which will help restore health and harmony in and between people and with the environment, with an overall view to enhancing the health of the planet Earth and all that live on it.