Brooke Sarawak Connection

The Brooke dynasty, known as the “White Rajas”, ruled Sarawak as an independent sovereign state from 1841 to 1946, when it became a British colony. It has, since 1963, formed part of the Federation of Malaysia. Sarawak was originally a province of Brunei, whose Sultan granted it to James Brooke in recognition of his help in supressing a local rebellion.

Anthony Brooke was appointed as the Rajah Muda of Sarawak on 25 August 1937. After WWII, Anthony embarked upon a 5-year campaign with the support of various local groups from within Sarawak against the annexation of Sarawak as a British Colony in 1946.

The Brooke Sarawak history is extensively documented and can be found online here

The Brooke Sarawak History